NUGT (again)…

I purchased another lot of 100 NUGT shares midday on Friday.  I paid $150.89 for them. It’s been a volatile stock, so it comes with some risk.

Happy trading!


Closed NUGT…

NUGT got down to $145 before going on a tear this afternoon.  I sold this morning’s shares for $157.71, netting me a profit of $380, or 2.47% on the original investment.



New trade…

purchased 100 shares of NUGT this morning for $153.69.  Hold on to your britches!!!


Closing NUGT…

Sold the 100 shares of NUGT this morning for $165.08 for a quick gain.  The shares dropped below $161 for a shorty time this morning and I held off re-buying to see how the stock reacted in the afternoon hours.  It may be one I purchase just before the close tonight.


Monday trade…

this afternoon I purchased 100 shares of Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x shares (NUGT) for $162.87.  This is a really volatile stock and not for the faint of heart.  I’ve been trading this stock off and on since it hit $40, and it’s been on a strong upward trend for most of the year.  We’ll have to see if it continues…


Weekly Results – August 12, 2016

Another fairly quiet week, as most of my money is still in cash.  I did purchase 200 shares of Gilead Pharmaceuticals (GILD) for $79.31.  

Not much movement overall, but finished the week up $128, or .0016%.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is an annualized return of roughly 8.5%, which is decent. 

Happy trading!


Weekly results – August 5, 2016

This was a slow week.  I didn’t make any trades and my position in Ford (F) cost me $235, for a loss of .003%.  

I don’t like to go backwards, but there will be weeks like this one.  


Weekly Results – July 29, 2016…

The end of week number one has come and gone.  I ended the week up $905 (1.16%) in my e-Trade IRA account.   A couple of decent trades to start, nothing too fancy.

I am starting week number two mostly on the sidelines.  I still have my 500 shares of Ford (F). Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll have those for a while.  The good news is that Ford has a decent Dividend Yield of 4.74%, which I have set up to roll into new shares automatically, so not all is lost.

There are some new Bearish calls out there today, with several analysts and banks calling for a pullback on all equities.  I’ll be playing it conservative with my trades until I see something that looks oversold.